Jewellery Photoshoot!

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My daughter loves to dance and had a photoshoot recently with the amazingly talented Simon of GBDancestars.  On the back of that, he wanted to photograph jewellery and I made a couple of pieces for him.  The first was created from Silver Art Clay and is a statement piece.  In total, I used approximately 30g of clay (maybe a little more) but loved making this!

leaf_choker1 resized

I also wanted a chunky copper necklace and needed a "warrior" look, so I designed this.  Every piece was made using Copper Art Clay and cut out, freehand, and then assembled.

copper warrior necklace1a

I will upload each of the stunning photographs separately as they deserve to be showcased!

If you're a jeweller and want your pieces to be photographed in a unique way, please contact GBDancestars via Facebook.


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