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For me, there's nothing better than being able to show somebody how to use metal clay (especially somebody who has never used the medium before) and watch as they make a great piece of jewellery to take home.  The best thing in the world is when I see the delight and amazement from a student at what they've achieved. 

I've been so fortunate that there are a number of lovely ladies that have come to a number of my workshops and it was brilliant to hear from one how much she loved her bee ring and hadn't taken it off since making it.  That made my day!

Here's a sample of pendants made by the students this weekend.  The course was to learn how to set a stone in a bezel (rather than the design of the pendant) but just look at what they produced!!!  I loved watching the creativity and also how they worked with each other and helped out when needed.  A fab bunch of ladies and a pleasure to teach.

bezel setting1a    bezel setting2a

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