What do you do when something you make scares you?

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I've wanted to make a Sugar Skull for SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long but halfway through it was seriously scaring me!  I don't know why but I really did wonder whether to continue making it or not.  Sugar skulls need to be a combination of deathly and beautiful but this was just looking deathly!  I'm still not sure it's beautiful enough but luckily the more I added to it, the less scared I felt by it and I started to fall in love!

I've used a brand new technique with this pendant.  I've added fine silver wires AFTER I had fired the pendant.  I learned the technique from Joy Funnell (who in my opinion is a clay genius)!  I took her online class in mask making - where she makes everything look so easy!  Of course, like any new technique, it's only when you're a true guru that things look easy and so I felt like I was wearing a strait jacket and had my eyes closed when working with the clay and wires!  It's all about learning though isn't it?  I learned tons by doing this so hopefully when I use this technique again, it'll be much easier!

silver_sugar_skull2_1_13   silver_sugar_skull3_13

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